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How to Use Crossword Bible Studies

Crossword Bible Studies help people engage God’s Word in fun and easy ways. Each puzzle covers one chapter of the New Testament (260 puzzles in all!). At the end of each clue is the verse reference so users can look up the verse and fill in the blank from the biblical text (KJV1611) to complete the puzzle.


Benefits of Using Crossword Bible Studies

Since the answers are often people, places, and other important tidbits, the puzzles help the reader slow down to look at details they might easily skim over while reading. Users learn new details and identify connections they never noticed before, all while enjoying a few minutes working a puzzle.


Easy Puzzles for All Ages

Because of the fill-in-the-blank format, the puzzles are challenging enough for adults and easy enough for kids.


Personal Use

Crossword Bible Studies are great for personal use. One can work through the New Testament in a year by completing a puzzle every day, five days a week. That’s 260 puzzles in 260 days.


Reproducible Puzzles

The author grants reproduction rights to those who have purchased Crossword Bible Studies so feel free make copies for the entire family, use them for homeschool, Christian schools, home fellowship groups, and more.



Churches are using Crossword Bible Studies as take home papers, small group activities or ice breakers, and teaching aids. Some churches even give away the books as incentives for youth programs or thank you gifts for teachers and other volunteers.


Enthusiastic Responses

“This is one of the best put together crossword puzzles I have ever done.” – Wanda


“I like to see how many words I can remember without reading the Bible text.” – Jimmy C.


“These puzzles will assist me as I am learning Scripture.” – Annette


“Really like these puzzles as exercises to get me thinking/meditating.” – Amazon Customer


“Enjoy them as a teaching tool.” – minister2


The 12-Volume Set

  1. The Gospel of Matthew (KJV)
  2. The Gospel of Mark (KJV)
  3. The Gospel of Luke (KJV)
  4. The Gospel of John (KJV)
  5. The Acts of the Apostles (KJV)
  6. Romans (KJV)
  7. First & Second Corinthians (KJV)
  8. Galatians to Colossians (KJV)
  9. First Thessalonians to Philemon (KJV)
  10. Hebrews & James (KJV)
  11. First Peter to Jude (KJV)
  12. Revelation (KJV)


Crossword Bible Studies


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