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Out of the Ashes: How Unplanned Trials Reveal God’s Planned Grace

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“The one who feels that they have ruined their life and whose religion, works, and self-goodness has failed is also the person who can fully understand the love of God.”

—Eddie Snipes, Out of the Ashes


Out of the Ashes helps people struggling with difficult circumstances in their lives. The author, Eddie Snipes, describes the beauty of failure and how God can transform our lives and circumstances, but also how God can use our circumstances to teach us to depend on Him rather than rely on ourselves.

The author describes God’s love and grace to bring us salvation and new life. He also reminds us that guilt and shame can’t stick to our new life in Christ (I like that analogy). Other chapters deal with receiving God’s gift of abundant life and how to grow in grace.

I enjoy reading short books and feel this one is worthwhile if you don’t mind that it’s short.


Isaiah 61:3




Out of the Ashes

How Unplanned Trials Reveal God’s Planned Grace

Eddie Snipes


37 pages



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