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Pray What You See: A Five-Week Prayerwalk Challenge by Chris Paavola

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Pray What You See

A Five-Week Prayerwalk Challenge

Chris Paavola


37 pages


The more you pray, the more He answers.

The more He answers, the more your faith increases.

The more your faith increases, the more you pray. Chris Paavola, Pray What You See.


I used to go on prayer walks during seminary, so I was familiar with the idea of prayer walks. When I saw Chris Paavola’s book, Pray What You See: A Five-Week Prayerwalk Challenge, I decided it might inspire me to pick up the practice again. Although it was a short read, it was relevant and inspiring. The author gives plenty of examples from his own prayer walks, which inspires the reader to dive into the practice of praying for what you see while walking. This is how the author describes prayer walking:

“Lord, let me see what you see.”

This simple prayer articulates the essential posture of prayerwalking—an experience where, instead of bringing prayer requests to God, God brings His prayer requests to you. Chris Paavola, Pray What You See.


I can attest to the truth of this last quote. Praying what you see will become a habit, which is part of why I have been less intentional about planned prayer walks.

Your experience with prayerwalking will start to carry over into your everyday interactions. You’ll find yourself praying as you walk through a grocery store, or the mall, or your home, long after the planned prayerwalk has ended. Chris Paavola, Pray What You See.


If you have never been on a prayer walk, I’d encourage you to pick up this 37-page eBook, Pray What You See, and try prayerwalking in your neighborhood or city. It’s a rewarding experience.


  1. Chris Paavola

    February 1, 2016

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    Thanks for the review, Christy! I’m glad the experience was rewarding for you! Blessings on your ministry~

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