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Pray, Write, Grow by Ed Cyzewski

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Pray, Write, Grow

Cultivating Prayer and Writing Together

Ed Cyzewski


94 pages


Pray, Write, Grow is a quick and easy read, but there are some gems worth finding in its pages. The premise is that writing and praying involve the same skills, disciplines, and topics so they should be cultivated in tandem to get the most out of them both.

For instance, it takes discipline to make time to write, just as it takes discipline to make time to pray.

"Anyone can pray or write, but few make the time for either." - Ed Cyzewski

Ed Cyzewski writes, “For those who feel stuck in either writing or prayer, there’s one way to move forward: if you want to grow in prayer and writing, you have to dig into your deepest pain and struggles.” The author encourages us to examine our lives because the points of pain we find are material for both prayer and writing. Plus, both prayer and writing can work together to help heal our pain. And those are the very points at which readers need help, too, which makes our work meaningful.

The first step toward an abundant harvest is digging into the most barren parts of our lives and turning things upside down. - Ed Cyzewski, Pray, Write, Grow

The section of the book that resonated most for me had to do with measuring success. I’ve struggled with feeling as if I have failed because my efforts produce so little return for the amount of time invested. His advice: “Stop looking at numbers. Numbers can be manipulated. Numbers change. Numbers lie. Numbers don’t offer any lasting meaning.” Instead, he suggests:

If you're growing as a writer, then you are succeeding. -Ed Cyzewski

My summary: Pray, Write, Grow makes some important points about spiritual growth and its role in our lives as writers, but I found the content a little redundant (he repeatedly talked about going for walks, for instance). Still, the benefits outweigh these things, especially if you are struggling as a writer.


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