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Predestined for Good Works by Eddie Snipes

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Predestined for Good Works is a little more technical than other books by Eddie Snipes. In this volume, the author digs into the various views of predestination. He explains both Calvinism and Arminianism and how they’ve allowed a man-made doctrine to hijack the truth of God’s Word.

“Any doctrine that divides rather than unites the church is not of God. Any doctrine that forces us to choose one set of scriptures and reject other scriptures is not a doctrine of Christ.”

– Eddie Snipes, Predestined for Good Works

Eddie Snipes builds up the doctrine of predestination, which is more than salvation. He explains the implications of predestination for our life, ministry, and perseverance in difficulties.

Predestined for Good Works is worth a read as long as you’re not afraid to delve into Scripture, stripped naked of human-imposed ideologies.

“As you discover God, you’ll discover your place in His plan. You’ll discover His calling into that plan. You’ll then be able to step out in confidence, knowing that failure isn’t possible, for it doesn’t depend upon you, but Him.”

– Eddie Snipes, Predestined for Good Works


Predestined for Good Works

Founded Upon Grace Series Book 3

Eddie Snipes


90 pages


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