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Principles in Maintaining a Godly Organization by KP Yohannan

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Principles in Maintaining a Godly Organization

K.P. Yohannan


45 pages



Principles in Maintaining a Godly Organization is a small booklet describing the life cycle of any organization, including churches and ministries. What starts out fresh and exciting, becomes normal, and then stale, out-of-date, and finally, dead. But the author, with several decades of ministry experience leading a world missions organization, suggests ways to extend that life cycle by making intentional changes to keep things fresh and exciting rather than looking for ways to create a routine, which quickly stagnates.

As a right-brained Christian, I’ve always struggled with the normalization problem in churches and Christian ministries. So I found his insights spot on and I hope many people, especially leaders, will take time to read this booklet for some fresh insights.


“A movement that has gone from radical to conventional is no longer regulated by vision and faith; instead, the decisions that come out of it are based on careful calculations of the lowest risk possible.”

–K.P. Yohannan, Principles in Maintaining a Godly Organization

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