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Saudi Muslim Became a Christian: Al Fadi Shares His Testimony

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If your faith wasn’t working for you–at least not beyond blind devotion and empty ritual–and you saw someone of another faith who was really empowered by their faith, wouldn’t you want to know more? Wouldn’t you want to investigate further?

That’s what Al Fadi encountered when he came to the United States as a student. The Christians he encountered had a more genuine and vibrant faith so he looked into it. I’ll let you hear the rest of the story from him in the video.

By the way, is your faith so genuine and vibrant that others want to have what you have?



Al Fadi is a former Wahabbi Muslim from Saudi Arabia. He is the researcher, editor, writer, and translator for numerous ministries, including “Answering Islam” and runs an outreach ministry designed for non-Muslim and Christians.



Five Prayers for Muslims

Muslims pray five times a day so I’m offering five prayers for you to pray with me.

Lord, I ask you to . . .

  • Allow Muslim students to encounter Christians who exemplify the abundant life found only in relationship with You.
  • Create a deep curiosity in their hearts to know more about Christianity.
  • Connect them with Christians who will be gentle, understanding, and patient with them as they seek answers.
  • Shield them from any so-called Christians who have hate in their hearts or otherwise live in such a way as to shame the name of Christ.
  • Let them seek you with all their heart until they find you.

Ask God how He wants you to pray for Muslims and what more He wants you to do.



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