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School of the Spirit

Which course would you take at School of the Spirit?


Christians, let’s face it. We all accumulate some baggage along the way. Our hearts become contaminated with hurt, anger, unforgiveness, and any number of other things. But Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” I want a pure heart, don’t you?

The teaching in these courses has transformed my life. My friends and family comment on how different I am. As a result of taking these courses, Jesus was able to heal my heart and set me free. I want that for you, too.

Seven prayers that heal the heart!In the course, Prayers That Heal the Heart, I learned things like how to replace my negative expectations with God’s truth and cement it into my spirit as permanent life change so I could be free of the negative influences in my life. After experiencing freedom in Christ, I learned how to fortify my life with God’s Word so these negative influences don’t return.


Are You Ready for the Life Transformation Jesus Promised?

I am pleased to partner with School of the Spirit to offer you the most life-changing courses I have ever taken. These aren’t courses that teach you about the Bible or tell you about God. These courses teach you to experience God.

Experiencing God is the key to life transformation. And I’ve never met a more capable guide than Dr. Virkler to show the way out of the darkness and into the light of life.

I can personally testify to the life change I have experienced as a result of taking courses from the School of the Spirit. Dr. Mark Virkler doesn’t just give you information; he shows you how to experience transformation. He has a way of getting to the heart of the problem and showing you how to apply principles from God’s Word for change from the inside, out.

These are biblically based principles and not a bunch of self-help or woo-woo ideas. Dr. Virkler teaches you how to submit to Christ for life change and let the power of the Holy Spirit work through you to produce change. That’s why the School of the Spirit is so exciting. The courses help you apply God’s Word to your life in ways that will change you forever.

I have been granted permission to give you access to some free lessons so you can sample the courses for yourself.

Free Course Sampler


Try the free lessons and browse the courses available. There are also certificates available (for completing groups of courses) and a Diploma in Applied Spirituality.

Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God's voice is easier than you think!If you’re wondering where to start, may I recommend you start with the course, Hearing God’s Voice? This course will teach you four principles to help you hear God’s voice. This is no mystery. Jesus said His sheep would know his voice (John 10:27).

Hearing God’s Voice becomes the foundation for life change and other courses build on it. Once you can hear God’s voice, you can experience the heart change taught in courses like Counseled by God or Prayers That Heal the Heart. Every Christian can hear God’s voice. How else will you know God’s will?


Hearing God’s Voice

Counseled by God

Prayers that Heal the Heart

Hear God Through Your Dreams

Living Naturally Supernatural

How to Walk by the Spirit

Empowered by the Spirit

Take Charge of Your Health

Spirit Anointed Communicator

Parenting by Grace (mp3s only)

The Art of Biblical Meditation


History 1 – United Kingdom

History 2 – Divided Kingdom

Poetry Books

Major Prophets

Life of Christ

Acts and Epistles

Epistles and Revelation



The Healed Heart Certificate

The Healed Life Certificate

Supernatural Living Certificate

Spirit-Anointed Counselor Certificate

New Testament Scholar Certificate

Old Testament Scholar Certificate


Which course would you take at School of the Spirit?