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Send Your Excess Bibles to Those Who Need a Bible

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How many Bibles do you have?

You know all those Bibles on your shelf, the ones you never read because you purchased a different Bible translation to try it out and didn’t care for it? Instead of letting them collect dust, what if you could get them to someone who really wants a Bible, maybe even someone who has never had a Bible before?


Are you a Bible hoarder? I am! (or was)

I pulled all my Bibles off the shelf and from every possible hiding place. I put them all in one big stack and it was more than four feet tall. That’s almost as tall as I am. After I took a picture, I found a few more Bibles I had missed.

My stack of Bibles was more than 4' tall!

My grand total for Bibles and Bible portions (New Testaments, etc.) was 32. I had 32 Bibles. I only use four of them, maybe six. But over the years, I’ve collected way too many Bibles. It happens innocently enough, I know from experience. Some I purchased for myself, some were given to me as gifts, and some I picked up as free ministry resources to give away.

With 32 Bibles, I had become a Bible hoarder. It’s one thing to love God’s Word, but when you have way more Bibles than you can possibly use, it begins to become selfish and inconsiderate. Why is it inconsiderate?

People around the world are less fortunate than us. Many people don’t own a Bible. Many more have never read a Bible.


What if there was a way to get your excess Bibles into the hands of people who need a Bible?

Bible Senders ( makes it easy to do just that. If you have gently used Bibles (Would you give it to your pastor?), place them in a durable box with packing materials to keep them from shifting around in transit. Tape up the box with a couple extra pieces of tape on top and bottom. Take it to your post office and ship it by Media Mail, the cheapest rate for print goods.

Mail your Bibles to:




See? Isn’t that easy? Doesn’t it feel good to know your excess Bibles will be put to good use? I think it feels better than seeing them all stacked up on my bookshelves.


How does Bible Senders work?

Bible Senders says their mission is to send a free Bible to anyone who asks, anywhere in the world. They receive 40,000 requests a month–that’s more than half a million requests a year! They don’t have the current capacity to respond to every request, but they do what they can. According to their website:

To-date, we have shipped, mailed or hand delivered your donated bibles to 48 countries including; Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Rwanda, South Africa, West Africa, Liberia, Kenya, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Philippines, Indonesia, Borneo, Fiji, India, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, throughout the old and new Russian Federation, Australia, New Zealand, parts of the Middle East, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Haiti, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada and all over the United States.

We also work extra hard to get them into the hands of missionaries.  Through them, your bibles have found their way into countries that we don’t even know of and reached people who have never had a bible.  Some of your bibles have found their way into prisons, street ministries, people leading bible study groups, people attending bible study groups, inner city recreation centers, Youth Centers, Christian Birthing Centers, Abortion Clinics, seminary students and your typical everyday person ranging from non-believers looking for an answer to seasoned veterans and even a few skeptics who were curious what the Word had to say about some of life’s more complicated issues.


About that Sentimental Feeling


For the record, I decided to use the Zaccheus principle (when Jesus changed his life, Zaccheus pledged to give away half of his possessions). Determined to give away half of my Bibles, I sorted through my 32 Bibles and made some tough decisions. What about the New Testament I was given at birth? What about the King James Bible my grandparents gave me for Easter when I was a kid? My sentimental attachment was causing me to cling to possessions I would never use again. Making the decision to part with some of these Bibles was not easy.

I pulled out 16 Bibles or Bible portions initially, but I ended up sending a total of 19 of my 32 Bibles. I also encouraged my mom to see what she could part with and she donated another 13 Bibles. Together we filled four boxes with a total of 32 Bibles. It’s a really good feeling to know someone else will be able to get some use out of my excess Bibles.

Media mail for four boxes containing 32 Bibles came to $34, a little more than a dollar per Bible.

Learning to let go isn’t easy, but this seems like a good place to start. I may talk myself into giving away more of my Bibles later. God is changing my heart to have less concern for myself and more concern for others.

What if letting go of some of your excess possessions gave someone else the opportunity to hear about the life-changing message of salvation in Christ?

If you don’t have any excess Bibles, you can still help by giving a donation to Bible Senders to help cover the costs of shipping to international destinations.

I was a Bible hoarder. Are you?


So, how many Bibles do you have?



Bible Senders: The place to get free Bibles and donate Bibles to others



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      April 26, 2018

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      Vivien, you can send your Bibles to the address listed. It doesn’t matter where they come from. Blessings!

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