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Simple Gospel, Simply Grace: How Your Christian Life Is Really Supposed to Work

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Simple Gospel, Simply Grace, a recent book by Bob Christopher, outlines the basic message of Good News while stripping away the distortions of the Gospel we’ve come to believe.

We let ourselves develop formulas for living the Christian life instead of living in the freedom of God’s grace.


Apart from Jesus, we make God out to look like a Picasso painting. It’s our inherent fear that paints such a distorted view. We think of him as a mean, judgmental, and angry being who can never be pleased.

–Bob Christopher, Simple Gospel, Simply Grace

Bob Christopher divides the book into three parts: Life, Forgiveness, and Freedom. He discusses the work of Christ on our behalf as the one-time sufficient satisfaction for our sin. The author then spends one third of the book focusing on forgiveness because we tend to misunderstand our complete forgiveness in Christ so we live in fear, guilt, or legalism trying to make things right on our own. The book builds to the final theme of freedom and how the Gospel of Grace enables us to live by the Spirit and let Christ live through us each day.

God loves you, and the grace he lavished on you to provide redemption, the forgiveness of sins, is the proof.

–Bob Christopher, Simple Gospel, Simply Grace

Simple Gospel, Simply Grace delivers a clear explanation of the doctrines around salvation without sounding too academic. It’s worth a read for new believers and for old faithful believers who need a grace refresher.


Simple Gospel, Simply Grace

How Your Christian Life Is Really Supposed to Work

Bob Christopher


210 pages



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