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Squeezing Good Out of Bad by James N. Watkins

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For many years I have been a fan of the wit and wisdom of James N. Watkins. He weaves his natural sense of humor into serious subjects with seamless ease. And trust me, his sense of humor is warped like mine! Check out this “stand up” routine Moses could have given with his back against the Red Sea:

“Hey, how’s everybody tonight? Well ‘shofar,’ so good (rim shot). So, how ‘bout that Passover meal? Great menu if you have to be on the lamb (rim shot). Tough room. I’m dying like a firstborn in Egypt (rim shot).”

-James N. Watkins, Squeezing Good Out of Bad


Having lived through many “lemons” in life, his words are also rich with the wisdom of personal experience and the compassion that grows out of it.

“But we often ask, “How could a God of love and compassion let one of His children experience such sinful actions?” Perhaps in the same way He let His one and only Son experience such sinful actions. It is only because He knows there is a much greater good . . . “the saving of many lives.””

-James N. Watkins, Squeezing Good Out of Bad


Despite his funny chapter titles (below), the contents have significant helpful content for those of us in the puckering problems of life. When life gives you lemons:

  1. Don’t confuse them with hand grenades (Identify the problem)
  2. Check the delivery slip (Determine if it’s your problem)
  3. Sell them on eBay (Profit from the problem)
  4. Paint similey faces on them (Laugh at the problem)
  5. Join a citrus support group (Share your problem)
  6. Use as an all-natural organic astringent (Grow from the problem)
  7. Don’t shoot the delivery driver (Forgive the problem-maker)
  8. Call in the Master Gardener (Take the problem to a higher level)
  9. Grow your own orchard (Live a fruitful life despite—or because of—the problem)
  10. Give off a refreshing fragrance (Live a lemon-fresh life)

I’d encourage you to pucker up for a fun read because we all need to laugh more and find fresh perspective to help us through difficult times. Pick up Squeezing Good Out of Bad at a sweet price right now.

“If I can do something about it, it’s my problem. If I can’t do anything about it, it’s simply a fact of life.”

-James N. Watkins, Squeezing Good Out of Bad


Squeezing Good Out of Bad: 10 Ways to Squeeze Good Out of Those Lemon of a Life, Lip Puckering, Time Sucking Situations

James N. Watkins


101 pages



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