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Stop Trying to Fix Yourself by Eddie Snipes (@eddiesnipes)

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Stop Trying to Fix Yourself

Learn to Rest in the Overcoming Power of the Spirit

Eddie Snipes (@eddiesnipes)


100 pages


Stop Trying to Fix Yourself is a book I wish I had written. And yet I don’t think I could have articulated the ideas as well as Eddie Snipes. The book explains some of the gross misconceptions taught in church and demonstrates how the opposite is actually true. For instance, instead of proclaiming the Good News, the church typically focuses on the bad news to evoke guilt for sin and fear of judgment. And instead of teaching believers to live in grace, the church teaches people to work harder at being a good Christian.

I’ve known for a long time these ideas were in conflict in the church, but it was refreshing to hear someone say what I’ve believed for a long time. In addition, I picked up new ideas and fresh insights from the many points made by Eddie Snipes. Stop Trying to Fix Yourself is a breath of fresh air for Christians strangled and suffocating in following the so-called rules. We can quit trying to make ourselves perfect and let God take care of that. Grace. Faith. Rest. This is the message of this powerful little book.

Here are a couple samples from the text:

The throne of grace is not for those who get their life right for God. It is for those who need help and mercy when they are in need. When my addictions and sinful habits overtook me, I was in need. Because I was told that when God got ahold of me, He was going to take me behind the woodshed, I feared the throne of God. I was taught the throne was a place of judgment instead of the place of comfort, relief, and help. It is the place where God’s loving favor is unconditional, and not dependent upon my ability to be perfect. It’s where God perfects me, not the place where human perfection is a prerequisite.

–Eddie Snipes, Stop Trying to Fix Yourself


When my kids banged their heads, I picked them up and comforted them. I never scolded them for their lack of perfection. Do we now think God is less of a parent than we are? No. When you fall, God is not chiding you; He’s carrying you. Religion scolds you, but God comforts, encourages, and calls you to grow. Even more, as you learn to trust Him, he does something no parent can do, gives you the strength to press on.

–Eddie Snipes, Stop Trying to Fix Yourself


I urge you to pick up a copy of Stop Trying to Fix Yourself. It will change the way you think about your Christian life and you will never be the same again. I often recommend books I’ve read, but this ought to be mandatory reading.

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