Best Friends with God

Best Friends with God: Falling in Love with the God Who Loves You

2010 (Now in a fourth printing!)

Paperback, 128 pages

Features study questions at the end of each chapter.


It can be challenging to have a relationship with God. We can’t see Him, or touch Him, or interact with Him in the ways we are accustomed to interacting with people. And yet, God sent His Son to die a hero’s death to win our hearts so we could have a relationship with Him. A relationship! More than anything else, God wants a relationship—with YOU!

People in the Bible had a dynamic relationship with God. He interacted with them, demonstrating His love for them by responding to their specific circumstances and needs. God wants to interact with us in the same way. As we bring our needy hearts to Him, He will demonstrate His love for us as individuals by responding to our specific circumstances. And, as we experience His gestures of love toward us, we cannot help but respond to Him with love.

Whether you have difficulty accepting God’s love for you, or you have trouble feeling a heartfelt love for God, Best Friends with God will help you develop the intimacy with God that you long to experience.

Each chapter of Best Friends with God begins with a narrative of a Bible character and ends with study questions.



Chapter One – God Sends His Love: The Emmaus Travelers

Chapter Two – He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not: The Prodigal’s Brother

Chapter Three – Transformed by Love: Paul

Chapter Four – The Desire of My Heart: Mary of Bethany

Chapter Five – Loving God with Our Lives: David

Chapter Six – For Better or for Worse: Job

Chapter Seven – Best Friends Forever: Peter


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933729: Best Friends with God: Falling in Love with the God Who Loves You Best Friends with God: Falling in Love with the God Who Loves YouBy Christy Bower / Discovery House PublishersYou know in your head that God loves you, and Christ died for you, yet you yearn for the intimacy God had with people like Abraham or David. In Best Friends with God Christy Bower searches the Scriptures and shows you how to pay attention to God’s gestures of love. Learn how to enjoy the blessing of friendhip with God.