Bible history for beginners and intermediate learners

Bible Surveyor Handbook

Bible Surveyor Handbook

A 15-Lesson Overview of the Entire Bible

The Bible can be difficult and boring if you don’t understand what is happening and why. In fifteen easy lessons, you’ll learn the major sections of the Bible and what’s happening in each period of history. This context will help you understand the Bible better and spark your enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

This Bible Surveyor Handbook provides an easy-to-understand overview of the entire Bible. At the end of each lesson, there are two suggested reading tracks: one for beginners who want to survey the Bible, and one for intermediate students who want to explore the Bible more thoroughly.

The Bible Surveyor Handbook has been used by homeschool families, beginning Bible students, and those who want a refresher course on the main elements of Bible history.



  1. The Beginning
  2. The Fathers of Faith
  3. The Exodus
  4. The Conquest of the Promised Land
  5. The Judges
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. The Divided Kingdom
  8. The Surviving Kingdom
  9. The Babylonian Captivity
  10. The Return from Exile to Jerusalem
  11. Between the Testaments: Greek Influence
  12. Between the Testaments: Roman Influence
  13. The Life of Christ
  14. The Spread of the Good News about Christ
  15. The End: God’s Ultimate Goal



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