Sweeter Than Chocolate

Sweeter Than Chocolate

Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word


150 pages

Available in paperback or Kindle editions.


Sweeter Than Chocolate: Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word compares our love for chocolate with our love for God’s Word and shows us how to develop a love for God’s Word. It provides readers with a quick overview of the entire Bible; offers suggestions for Bible study methods and meditation practices; and suggests tools you might find helpful in carving up the chocolate sculpture, the Bible.

One of the most unique aspects of the book is the discussion of left-brained and right-brained approaches to the Bible. People who are dominantly left-brained prefer structured, detailed study. People who are right-brained often find that frustrating and boring because they prefer creative, interactive approaches. These right-brained approaches are integrated in creative forms of meditation. Both study and meditation are important, but understanding your preference will lessen the frustration and allow you the freedom to engage the Bible according to how God made you.

As you read Sweeter Than Chocolate, you’ll eat and digest God’s Word as part of the chocolate diet. You’ll become a chocolate connoisseur, able to appreciate the different parts of the Bible. You’ll learn about a chocolatier’s tools as you equip yourself to discover God’s Word. Then you’ll carve up the chocolate sculpture as you study the Bible and enjoy the chocolate swirls of meditating on God’s Word. And finally, you’ll engage in God’s chocolate workout as you apply the Bible to your life. Immerse yourself in the Bible with a hint of chocolate and you’ll never see the Bible the same.


  • Death by Chocolate: Learning to Crave God’s Word
  • The Chocolate Diet: Eating and Digesting God’s Word
  • Become a Chocolate Connoisseur: Appreciating the Parts of  the Bible
  • A Chocolatier’s Tools: Equipping Yourself to Discover God’s Word
  • Carve Up the Chocolate Sculpture: Studying God’s Word
  • Chocolate Swirls: Meditating on God’s Word
  • God’s Chocolate Workout: Applying the Bible to Our Lives
  • Conclusion – Chocoholics Anonymous: Enjoying a Life-long Love for God’s Word

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