Crossword Bible Studies

Bible Study Made Fun!

Many people don’t study the Bible because they don’t think it is fun. That’s why I created a Bible study in a format that’s fun and engaging.

Now, spending time in the Bible can be as enjoyable as a daily crossword puzzle.


Speaking of fun, take a moment to watch this video–just for the fun of it.



With Crossword Bible Studies you can enjoy spending a few minutes in the Bible in a relaxed, leisurely way. Each puzzle focuses on one chapter of the Bible and the fill-in-the-blank clues include a verse reference to guarantee you can find the answer. (I love being able to fill in every word on a puzzle, don’t you?) And with 25-35 clues per puzzle, you can finish in a few minutes—perfect for your busy schedule!

Here’s a free sample crossword for you.


But I betcha can’t do just one!

There is one puzzle for each chapter of the New Testament. That’s 260 puzzles! And guess what? Five days a week for 52 weeks a year equals 260! But you’re going to love these so much, you won’t be able to stop at doing one puzzle—you’ll want to turn the page and keep going because you’ll be enjoying the Bible like you’ve always wanted to.

I have a passion for helping people fall in love with God’s Word. That’s why I earned a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at Multnomah Biblical Seminary. But you don’t have to be a theologian to study the Bible. In fact, I’m on a mission to make the Bible fun and easy to learn for everyone.


You’re going to love Crossword Bible Studies so much you’re going to want to share them!

That’s why I’ve granted rights to reproduce them for your family, church, or school—as long as you have purchased the books. (Please don’t take the copies given to you and make copies for all your friends, so they can make copies for all their friends, and so forth. See what I mean?)


Are you ready to enjoy learning the Bible one chapter at a time?

Let’s review:

  • Reproducible crossword puzzles
  • King James Version (1611)
  • One puzzle per chapter of the Bible
  • Each clue cites the verse reference
  • 25-35 clues for each puzzle
  • Fill-in-the-blank clue format
  • Suitable for ages 8 to 108

Download free PDFs of the KJV text for each book of the Bible to help you fill in the blanks for the puzzles.



Crossword Bible Studies

12 Volumes on the Entire New Testament

Get additional details including a table of contents, and a free sample puzzle from each volume.







First & Second Corinthians

Galatians to Colossians

First Thessalonians to Philemon

Hebrews & James

First Peter to Jude