Meet Pete's Pet Peeve in The Legend of Dragon Hollow

The Legend of Dragon Hollow (Dragon Hollow 1)

The Legend of Dragon Hollow (Dragon Hollow 1)

211 pages

Youth Fiction


Dragon Hollow Trilogy

  1. The Legend of Dragon Hollow
  2. The Secret of the Sword
  3. The Rise of the Dragon King
  4. Donkey Oatie’s Bushel of Fun Cookbook


When an enemy army attacked Mirabeau, Peter and his friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, lost their parents, their homes, and their city. They set off in search of the dragon’s treasure that Peter had read about in his favorite book, The Legend of Dragon Hollow.

On their journey, they encounter all sorts of people and adventures, and they learn valuable lessons that will help them fulfill their destiny—a destiny that is greater than dragon treasure.

With whimsical characters and unexpected plot twists, this action-adventure story guarantees pure enjoyment from beginning to end.




1 – The King is Dead

2 – Pete’s Pet, Peeve

3 – The Three Musket Deer

4 – Donkey Oatie

5 – Tanglewood Tales

6 – Wake Up, Sleepyhead

7 – Attack of the Stinky Beetles

8 – Dirt Brown and the Seven Giants

9 – The Hobblin’ Goblin

10 – Lucas the Magician

11 – The Toll Troll

12 – Robin Wood

13 – Peter and the Wolf

14 – The Wizard of Claws

15 – The Nanny Goat Naysayers

16 – Snuff the Magic Dragon

17 – The Magic Kingdom

18 – Pizza at the Round Table

19 – Sir Peter

20 – Fighting the Dragon

21 – Believe in Peeve

22 – A Tale of Two Dragons

23 – Peter’s Protection

24 – Recovery and Discovery

25 – Homeward Bound



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