Barbarians threaten, a friend is missing, and a dragon is out of control. What will Peter do?

The Rise of the Dragon King (Dragon Hollow 3)

The Rise of the Dragon King (Dragon Hollow 3)

195 pages

Youth Fiction


Dragon Hollow Trilogy

  1. The Legend of Dragon Hollow
  2. The Secret of the Sword
  3. The Rise of the Dragon King
  4. Donkey Oatie’s Bushel of Fun Cookbook


In this third book in the Dragon Hollow Trilogy, young Peter Cole has just taken the throne of Mirabeau, but being king is not what he expected. In addition to the city’s financial crisis that left knights and workers unpaid, King Peter is also faced with the disappearance of a friend; a dragon bent on revenge; a call for help from an ally; and a horde of barbarians on the march for his city. Meanwhile, his two friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, face problems of their own. Alexandra is coming to grips with being scarred by dragon burns and Sir Sebastian is learning to be a knight while dealing with a bully in Knight School. Peter’s destiny as the foretold Dragon King is linked to whether he can navigate these difficulties and fulfill his calling.




1 – A Bad Grudge

2 – Knight School

3 – The Tournament

4 – King of the Castle

5 – Healing Lessons

6 – The Brig

7 – Friends and Allies

8 – Mind Your Business

9 – A Wonky Donkey

10 – Brutes and Bruises

11 – The Donkey Distraction

12 – Backtracking

13 – Searching for Answers

14 – Preparing for War

15 – Gecko Baptism

16 – No Rest for the Weary

17 – A Secret Passage

18 – Look What the Scout Brought Home

19 – Donkey Oatie’s Secret Weapon

20 – Bouncing off the Walls

21 – Getting Rid of a Grudge

22 – Deep Wounds

23 – Dragon Auction

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