How can Peter convince people he is the rightful heir to the throne?

The Secret of the Sword (Dragon Hollow 2)

The Secret of the Sword (Dragon Hollow 2)

185 pages

Youth Fiction

Dragon Hollow Trilogy

  1. The Legend of Dragon Hollow
  2. The Secret of the Sword
  3. The Rise of the Dragon King
  4. Donkey Oatie’s Bushel of Fun Cookbook


After Peter learned he was the rightful heir to the throne, he returned to Mirabeau to discover a tyrant had made himself king. When Peter and his friends, Sebastian and Alexandra, try to spy on the tyrant king, they are captured as traitors. It looks as if things will end badly for the three young people, especially when an invading army attacks the city, complicating the situation.

In addition to all that, Peter has questions about his sword because he can’t read the inscription and he wonders why it glows blue sometimes. And the two new dragons aren’t quite what Peter expected. Will Peter find answers and manage to take the throne as the rightful king of Mirabeau?

This second book in the Dragon Hollow Trilogy is a humorous fantasy action-adventure story that rivals the first book. In it, you’ll enjoy some familiar friends like Donkey Oatie, and meet some new friends who are soon to be favorites.




1 – Hide and Seek

2 – Chuck the Woodchuck

3 – Oh, Brother

4 – Little Orphan Army

5 – March on the Castle

6 – Secrets and Spies

7 – All the King’s Horses

8 – A Secret Mission

9 – Don’t Hold a Grudge

10 – A Rock and a Hard Place

11 – Allies Meeting in Alleys

12 – The Dark of Knight

13 – The Trojan Donkey

14 – The Attack of Yogi Ogre

15 – Assassin Bugs

16 – Start Wars

17 – Verbal Swordplay

18 – The Dual Duel

19 – Armed and Dangerous

20 – No Magic Cure for Pain

21 – Coronation

22 – Hidden Secrets

23 – Have a Ball

24 – Saving Alexandra

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