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God’s Grace for Depression

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The past month has been challenging. My brother came home with a chest cold and my mom promptly caught it, exactly one year after she had been in the hospital because her heart caused fluid to build up in her lungs until she nearly drowned. I took care of her around the clock and we both went three consecutive nights without sleep at all. One night, she coughed with every single breath and I was scared to death. Fortunately, I never caught their chest cold and they are both well now. But three nights without sleep played havoc with my mental health. One of the obvious symptoms of bipolar mania is the increased energy that reduces my need for sleep. But when circumstances disrupt a healthy sleep pattern, the lack of sleep can also signal my brain to trigger mania, which is what happened. You know what they say: “the higher you go, the harder you fall.” When mania dies out, it crashes...

Ninety-Five Affirmations for a Life Empowered by Grace

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Five hundred years ago, a young monk struggling to reconcile church practice with what is actually found in Scripture, nailed to the church door a document containing ninety-five statements he was prepared to defend from Scripture. Martin Luther’s 95 Theses began to shake things up in the church. In today’s vernacular, Luther posted his manifesto on social media for public debate. Posting these statements in public opened a dialogue that ultimately changed the course of church history and marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. While the Catholic Church promoted the idea of performing good works to earn eternal life, the Protestants maintained that grace alone was necessary for salvation. Protestants began to break away from the Catholic Church to form private churches. Because Martin Luther opened a discussion that changed the course of history, we commemorate the day he...