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Unoffendable by Brant Hansen (@branthansen)

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People often call me a pacifist and maybe I am to some degree, but when Jesus says to turn the other cheek, love your enemies, and pray for those who hurt you, I believe He means for us to do those things. I also believe in seeing the “divine spark” in each person because whether we follow Jesus or not, we were each made in the image of God. As such, I believe we are to love and respect one another. Even with that built into my belief system, I struggled. As an author, I’ve struggled with negative comments and reviews to the point that I began to resent the very people I was writing for. So when I saw a book called Unoffendable, I thought perhaps it would help me find a new perspective. It just so happened I was reading Unoffendable at a time when race issues popped up and the related outrage that always accompanies such things. Social media was full of angry, remarks. These days, it...