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How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically by Carolyn Howard-Johnson (@FrugalBookPromo)

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I found practical suggestions on almost every page of Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s book, How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically. I was already applying her ideas before I even finished the book. This is without question the most helpful book for authors I have ever read. One quote summarizes her whole approach: “Getting great reviews is about relationships, about sharing your passion with others.” in an age where we want to automate everything, Carolyn demonstrates why a personal touch gets so much better results. I wish I would have had this resource years ago. Sadly, I’ve wasted a lot of time, energy, and money trying to promote my books (to little or no avail). For the first time in a couple years, I feel enthusiastic because I have a new set of tools to put to use as I build relationships with reviewers.   Book Quotes “Getting great reviews is about relationships, about...

Meet Indie Author Stephen B. Bagley

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Indie Author Day October 8, 2016 For Indie Author Day I wanted to introduce you to an indie author I admire.   Meet Stephen B. Bagley I’m proud to have as my friend, Stephen B. Bagley from Ada, Oklahoma. Stephen is the most successful indie author I know so I wanted to surprise him by featuring him for Indie Author Day. Stephen is successfully carving a niche out for himself as publisher at Many Rivers Harbor, a micro-publisher working with only a few authors. Stephen is a delightful, fun guy. I miss the days when we used to tweet late at night and he’d make up stories about himself like how the judge issued a restraining order to keep him away from the coffee shop—at least I think he was making up those stories. Ha! Stephen’s humor has entertained me for many years now, but that’s not to say he doesn’t take things seriously. He has a sensitive, spiritual side, too. The thing I admire...

Leonard Sweet (@LenSweet) on Churches Being Afraid of Right-Brained People

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Are you a right-brained Christian who enjoys change for the sake of change and likes to experiment with new things? Or are you a left-brained Christian who wants things to stay the same forever because something new feels threatening? If you’re a right-brained Christian, are you stuck in a church that feels like itchy clothes that don’t fit? Or have you left the church in frustration because the church minimizes your talents, tells you to “conform” to the body of Christ, and makes you feel guilty for wanting something more? I can say from personal experience how challenging—almost impossible—it is for right-brained Christians to feel comfortable and accepted in churches today. I have begun writing about left and right brained approaches to the Bible and my heart is moving in this direction to help educate the church. That’s why I was excited to discover Leonard Sweet has recognized the...