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Meet Indie Author Stephen B. Bagley

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Indie Author Day October 8, 2016 For Indie Author Day I wanted to introduce you to an indie author I admire.   Meet Stephen B. Bagley I’m proud to have as my friend, Stephen B. Bagley from Ada, Oklahoma. Stephen is the most successful indie author I know so I wanted to surprise him by featuring him for Indie Author Day. Stephen is successfully carving a niche out for himself as publisher at Many Rivers Harbor, a micro-publisher working with only a few authors. Stephen is a delightful, fun guy. I miss the days when we used to tweet late at night and he’d make up stories about himself like how the judge issued a restraining order to keep him away from the coffee shop—at least I think he was making up those stories. Ha! Stephen’s humor has entertained me for many years now, but that’s not to say he doesn’t take things seriously. He has a sensitive, spiritual side, too. The thing I admire...