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Discover the “I AM” Statements of Jesus

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I am experimenting with a new, casual style of Bible guide. I have a prototype for you to download. The content is basic because I was more interested in playing with a new style. I like the concept, in general. I’m sure I’ll fine-tune it over time. Yes, I drew the images (except for the cover). Use the arrow in the upper right corner to pop up the document. Then use the icons at the top to print or save it, if you wish. [su_document url=””]  

You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?: 10 Popular Beliefs That Simply Aren’t True by David A. Rich

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Author David A. Rich makes some great points in You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?, but he also chases a lot of rabbits along the way. At first I found this frustrating, wondering when he would get to something related to the chapter title, but either I got used to his style or he improved as the book went on. But that’s my style preference and I know others like a lot of life examples. Don’t get me wrong, though. I found myself heartily agreeing with most of the main points and I wish more Christians could grasp them. Ten False Beliefs Belief 1: There Are Many Roads to Heaven Belief 2: When We Die, We Become Angels Belief 3: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Belief 4: God Wants You to Be Rich Belief 5: Christians Aren’t Perfect, Just Forgiven Belief 6: We Are God’s Co-Pilots Belief 7: Pray Hard and God Will Answer Belief 8: God and Satan Are Battling It Out Belief 9: God Is Not a...

Thirteen of the Spookiest Things in the Bible

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Some Christians choose not to celebrate Halloween, for whatever reasons, but I would like to suggest a different approach. During this season when people like to be scared and they have a heightened interest in the supernatural, why not embrace those themes in the Bible? The Bible is full of spooky, horrifying, gruesome, and gross things. You want monsters? The Bible has the biggest and best monsters you can imagine. You want supernatural? The Bible astounds with supernatural. Let’s use this opportunity to embrace the fun atmosphere of the season of scary things but point people toward the Bible. My aim is to start producing PDF eBooks that will help people see the Bible in a fun new way. Sharable content like this might reach a Christian who thinks the Bible is boring or a not-yet Christian who might take a look at something like this and get exposure to the God of the Bible....

How Coloring a Creative Journaling Bible Has Improved My Mental Health

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Coloring intricate designs with random patterns forces me to make decisions about which color to use for each element and how they will all work together. The more I do it, the more decisive I have become. Where I once spent a long time thinking about the implications of each color choice, I spend less and less time worrying about the outcome and making a decision. Sometimes the result isn’t what I had hoped and I wish I would have chosen a different color, but I realize it’s not the end of the world. The unexpected benefit of coloring has been that I’m finding it easier to make decisions in other areas of my life. The analyzing, paralyzing fear of making the wrong choice and “ruining” my project has given way to greater confidence and decisiveness. I learned from coloring that even if the results of my choices are not what I wished, it’s not the end of the world. I can live with it. I...

Right-Brained Folks Will Love This Bible

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If you’ve read my book, Sweeter Than Chocolate, you’ll know I devote a whole chapter to right-brained approaches to the Bible (and a whole chapter to left-brained approaches). So I’m glad to see the Christian community embracing these differences finally. There has been a growing movement of Bible journaling in which people draw, doodle, and color in their Bible. Right-brainers have always colored, or even color-coded, their Bibles. And a little bit of color makes even left-brain study methods more interesting for right-brained folks. This week, I received my Inspire NLT Bible, which I fondly refer to as “my coloring Bible.” It’s a compact size but it contains more than 400 illustrations of Bible verses to color. And look at the beautiful page edges done in butterflies and floral designs.       Every page has a wide margin, which contains either a...