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The Beauty of Christ through Brokenness by KP Yohannan

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The Beauty of Christ through Brokenness K.P. Yohannan 2014 72 pages   The Beauty of Christ through Brokenness by K.P. Yohannan gave me a huge “aha” revelation about the meaning of brokenness. I had always understood brokenness in terms of imperfection, like a cracked pot that was no longer useful until God’s grace filled the gaps to make us useful to Him. Yohannan writes, “By nature we all are the opposite of the one whom He esteems. We are all unbroken. We are as solid as the hardest substance you can find—unbending, self-centered, self-ambitious and never wanting to give in.” This is the starting point from which the author leads the reader downward to a place of submission. I found the following description beautifully moving. In Matthew 11:29-30, we read one of the most beautiful Scripture portions ever recorded. It is the invitation of Christ—“Take My yoke upon you and learn...