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Where Did You Get the Idea for Your Most Recent Book, Chosen?

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When most people read the biblical narrative of the birth of Christ, they see a perfect, holy family fulfilling God’s perfect plan. When I read the biblical narrative of the birth of Jesus, I see a teenage girl who got pregnant and everyone thought the worst about her. Her own boyfriend assumed she’d been unfaithful. The gossip and public shame became so great the poor girl left town to visit her cousin. She stayed with her cousin three months. An angel helped straighten things out between the engaged couple, but then they were called upon to travel several days to Bethlehem at the very time Mary was to give birth. They were poor and the town was full because of the census. They had to give birth in an unsanitary barn. Then, to make matters worse, an angel told the young family to flee to Egypt because this newborn baby was on Israel’s Most Wanted List. King Herod had it out for the...

Bipolar Dysphoria for the Holidays

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Because I have bipolar disorder, I occasionally go through cycles where I have a difficult time getting along with people. It’s called dysphoria. In my mind, I’m completely right and the other person is wrong. I don’t realize I’m doing anything wrong. Sometimes I can see it afterwards, but sometimes I still can’t see what I did wrong. All I know is there’s a trail of carnage in wrecked relationships and lost jobs. God is reminding me of something I already know to be true but somehow I forget it when I’m in a dysphoric state: Sometimes I can do or say the right thing with the wrong attitude. *Headslap* Well, duh. How could I not know that? Yet when I’m in a dysphoric state, I can’t see that.     Now that I’ve used up all my friends, I’m letting God do a little soul-surgery. I’m giving God permission to do whatever work He needs to do in my life to fix things. I’m very much...

The Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel (@LeeStrobel)

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I’ve never actually read anything by Lee Strobel, although I’m familiar with his work, so I picked up a Kindle copy of The Case for Christmas for a short exposure to his writing. As expected, he is very scientific in his approach to “proving” the true identity of the baby in the manger. He interviewed some scholars in his quest for answers and this book provides a summary of the relevant findings through the interviews. The style was readable and not too technical. He asked difficult, penetrating questions and the scholars gave honest, non-evasive answers. (Sometimes the best answer is “I don’t know” or “No one knows for sure.”) Still, Strobel highlights the various “ah-ha” moments he experienced as he gained new insights and perspective about Christ. The findings in The Case for Christmas demonstrate how our faith isn’t just an emotional or intuitive belief, but it is founded on true...