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How Coloring a Creative Journaling Bible Has Improved My Mental Health

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Coloring intricate designs with random patterns forces me to make decisions about which color to use for each element and how they will all work together. The more I do it, the more decisive I have become. Where I once spent a long time thinking about the implications of each color choice, I spend less and less time worrying about the outcome and making a decision. Sometimes the result isn’t what I had hoped and I wish I would have chosen a different color, but I realize it’s not the end of the world. The unexpected benefit of coloring has been that I’m finding it easier to make decisions in other areas of my life. The analyzing, paralyzing fear of making the wrong choice and “ruining” my project has given way to greater confidence and decisiveness. I learned from coloring that even if the results of my choices are not what I wished, it’s not the end of the world. I can live with it. I...

Right-Brained Folks Will Love This Bible

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If you’ve read my book, Sweeter Than Chocolate, you’ll know I devote a whole chapter to right-brained approaches to the Bible (and a whole chapter to left-brained approaches). So I’m glad to see the Christian community embracing these differences finally. There has been a growing movement of Bible journaling in which people draw, doodle, and color in their Bible. Right-brainers have always colored, or even color-coded, their Bibles. And a little bit of color makes even left-brain study methods more interesting for right-brained folks. This week, I received my Inspire NLT Bible, which I fondly refer to as “my coloring Bible.” It’s a compact size but it contains more than 400 illustrations of Bible verses to color. And look at the beautiful page edges done in butterflies and floral designs.       Every page has a wide margin, which...