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Words that Sting by John Strange

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Bullies. Trolls. Plain old negative folks. We all encounter criticism from others. In our society driven by social media where people have the means to speak their mind, they often do so without regard to anyone else’s feelings. As an author, I’ve struggled with the sting of negative comments on my blog, criticisms of my content, and negative book reviews. I’ve been on the brink of giving up because of it. I know these people are just bullies, but it still hurts. That’s why I sought out a book that would help shape my perspective. Words that Sting: How to handle destructive criticism like Jesus by John Strange offers a series of principles based on how Jesus dealt with his critics—and he had many who were constantly trying to trap him or plot to kill him. The author draws upon Mark 2 and comes up with application points to help us deal with criticism like Jesus. “When we allow our...