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Five 5-Star Christian Books on Mental Health and Physical Disability

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When it comes to mental health issues, Christian responses are all over the board. That’s why I’ve been reading Christian books on depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. I want to hear a wide range of thoughts, but more importantly, I want to know which books to recommend on the topic. Out of my recent batch of a dozen books on the topic, I found five books worthy of a 5-star rating and worth reading if you have an interest in mental health from a Christian perspective.   Disability and the Gospel: How God Uses Our Brokenness to Display His Grace Michael S. Beates 2012 194 pages   Mental illness falls under a larger umbrella of physical illness and disability. Our theology for one ought to be the same for the other. I was absolutely delighted with the way Michael Beates went through the Bible discussing every instance of disability. It was astounding to read how many...