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Bipolar Dysphoria for the Holidays

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Because I have bipolar disorder, I occasionally go through cycles where I have a difficult time getting along with people. It’s called dysphoria. In my mind, I’m completely right and the other person is wrong. I don’t realize I’m doing anything wrong. Sometimes I can see it afterwards, but sometimes I still can’t see what I did wrong. All I know is there’s a trail of carnage in wrecked relationships and lost jobs. God is reminding me of something I already know to be true but somehow I forget it when I’m in a dysphoric state: Sometimes I can do or say the right thing with the wrong attitude. *Headslap* Well, duh. How could I not know that? Yet when I’m in a dysphoric state, I can’t see that.     Now that I’ve used up all my friends, I’m letting God do a little soul-surgery. I’m giving God permission to do whatever work He needs to do in my life to fix things. I’m very much...