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The Subtle Message about Mental Health in Captain America: Civil War **Spoiler Alert**

By in Crazy Grace Blog | 5 comments

I just saw Captain America: Civil War at the theater. I’m a fan of Marvel’s superhero movies, but I feel a little conflicted about this one. For one thing, everyone was out for revenge against everyone else, it seemed, although that turned out to be the point of the movie: revenge doesn’t make you feel better. The story was intricately woven, even more so than usual, with individual agendas and subplots tightening like a noose around a team already choking on the magnitude and burden of their own responsibility. But I’m not here to analyze the movie plot and characters. I want to fast forward to the end of the movie dealing with Steve Rogers’ friend, Bucky Barnes. Setting the Story First, let me recap a bit. In Captain America: The First Avenger, we see a young Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as inseparable best friends. When Bucky was captured in WWII, a German scientist...