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Ten Tips for Reaching Out to Muslims

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We fear the unknown. We’re uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. That’s what holds us back from talking to people about God, especially when we don’t know their customs and beliefs. The answer, of course, is to start learning. Read books. Visit websites. Gain knowledge. But then there’s no substitute for what we learn by personal experience. With that in mind, I’d like to offer ten tips for reaching out to Muslims. This list is gleaned from the best advice I could find from people who are actively involved in Christian ministry to Muslims at home and abroad. Ten Tips for Reaching Out to Muslims Spend lots of time in prayer. You’re reaching out to people under strong deception. Know your Bible and be ready to answer some basic questions Muslims have. Memorize verses to answer questions Muslims will ask. Study what Muslims believe. Read the Quran. Read books written on Muslims. Read...

Why You Don’t Need to Be Afraid to Share Your Faith

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“Living Water Fertilizer will make your grass live forever,” says the salesman. While he gives his pitch, you notice that his own yard contains crabgrass, dandelions, and numerous brown patches. Hmm. He claims that your grass will live forever, but you’re skeptical because his yard appears no different from your own. No thanks; I’ll stick to what I’ve been using. Now imagine the same scenario, but the salesperson approaches you by asking, “If you never watered your lawn again, would it die?” Probably. He proceeds to tell you about his product, then attempts to close the sale by saying, “If you apply Living Water Fertilizer, your grass will live forever, and you’ll never need to water it, even in times of drought.” You’re not really convinced, but it’s worth a try because you have little to lose. Okay. You make the purchase. Now suppose that you’re in the habit of walking around...