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Hearing God by Mark and Patti Virkler

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I read the Kindle edition of Hearing God, but it’s really designed to be a workbook. Actually, it’s like an interactive daily devotional, with short readings followed by prompts and space to record your thoughts. Since I’m already familiar with Mark Virkler’s books and courses, I read it straight through without doing the exercises. Hearing God covers the four keys to hearing God’s voice, how to meditate on God’s voice, and hearing God through your dreams. This is a good introduction to Mark Virkler’s teachings, but someone new to hearing God’s voice would be better served with his full teaching in his book, 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice or his online course. That said, there are plenty of thought-provoking insights and encouraging words in this brief overview.   “Meditation is intently seeking God’s revelation, resulting in God’s disclosing Himself to you.” Mark VirklerPowered By...

You Can Hear from God Daily (Don’t Let Tim Challies or Anyone Else Tell You Otherwise)

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In my Christian experience, I started listening and hearing from God on a regular basis. Then some Christians told me it was somehow wrong so I stopped. At that point, my life took a downward spiral that sent me into complete dysfunction. Eventually, someone helped me by getting me into a class called Hearing God’s Voice. This course reassured me that it is normal and healthy to hear God’s voice. As I returned to a daily practice of two-way journaling with God, I received God’s healing and help. Don’t let anyone convince you it is wrong to hear from God. If left-brained rational Christians don’t want to hear from God, they can study the Bible with their minds. For the rest of us, we can engage God with our hearts and let the rhema of God, the spoken word of God, direct our lives so we become conformed to the image of Christ. The rhema of God doesn’t make us neglect the logos of God,...