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Living Naturally Supernatural: Letting Jesus Live through You

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I just completed another online course from School of the Spirit. I’m amazed at how much God uses these courses to change my life. Because I have bipolar disorder, my thoughts, moods, and emotions get pretty messed up but God has used the lessons in these courses to bring stability to my life. Living Naturally Supernatural was a course focused on letting God live through you. Over the course of ten lessons, I learned how to become aware of God’s presence in my life and how to consciously invite God to work in my life. In addition, I learned how to release God’s supernatural power to work in a situation. I had just started the online course, Living Naturally Supernatural, when my mom became unwell. While she slept in her recliner, I would sleep on the couch to watch over her. All the while, I would pray, “Lord, I release your power and love to work in Mom’s...

The Spirit-Filled Life by Eddie Snipes (@eddiesnipes)

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“As long as we believe our actions are what creates godliness, then we’ll continue to live life from a position of defeat, trying to find a way to victory.” – Eddie Snipes, The Spirit-Filled Life   The Spirit-Filled Life by Eddie Snipes provides a very clear explanation of what it means to live in dependence on the Holy Spirit. If the title makes you squirm, let me assure you he’s not a tongues-speaking Pentecostal, but neither is he a fundamentalist. His middle road navigated some rugged terrain with ease. I say that because he would point out the flaws with extremes on either side of a theological issue and show ample support from scripture to lead you forward toward a Spirit-filled life. The author begins by explaining our new nature in Christ. Then he talks about the anointing of the Spirit, which is the result of placing ourselves under the authority of Christ. Next, he...