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Unoffendable by Brant Hansen (@branthansen)

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People often call me a pacifist and maybe I am to some degree, but when Jesus says to turn the other cheek, love your enemies, and pray for those who hurt you, I believe He means for us to do those things. I also believe in seeing the “divine spark” in each person because whether we follow Jesus or not, we were each made in the image of God. As such, I believe we are to love and respect one another. Even with that built into my belief system, I struggled. As an author, I’ve struggled with negative comments and reviews to the point that I began to resent the very people I was writing for. So when I saw a book called Unoffendable, I thought perhaps it would help me find a new perspective. It just so happened I was reading Unoffendable at a time when race issues popped up and the related outrage that always accompanies such things. Social media was full of angry, remarks. These days, it...

What about Injustice?

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In light of current events, it’s easy to get angry about injustice. But is anger ever justified? The Bible says not. Even so-called “righteous anger” is not justified. Ever. Anger is a natural human feeling, but the Bible repeatedly says we are to get rid of it as quickly as we can because anger leads to much worse things. I believe when the Bible says to love your enemies, it means we are to love our enemies. I believe when the Bible says we are to pray for those who hurt us, we are to pray for those who hurt us. First century Christians were being persecuted for their faith—by the government—and they faced brutal torture and death. But the apostles wrote letters to the churches telling them to respect all human authority, even if it’s out to get you; to put away anger; and to repay evil with good. These are the proper responses for individuals (the Bible does allow governments to use...