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My Bipolar Disorder Fuels My Passion for Writing #WorldBipolarDay

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Having bipolar disorder can seem like a blessing and a curse. It can play havoc on your moods, energy, and relationships but it also provides tons of creative energy. In my case, I direct that energy into writing. And, increasingly, I find myself expanding into expressing my creativity through drawing and artwork. I’m the author of 24 books. The writing process involves both left and right brain tasks. This is convenient since depression puts me in a logical, left-brained state of mind for long periods and mania puts me in an energetic, creative, right-brained state of mind for long periods. The creative right brain comes up with ideas—too many for me to ever complete. It generates the major concepts, figures out how they relate, and gets the first draft on paper in short order. The logical left brain is the inner editor, constantly critiquing and evaluating so when I am depressed...

The Bible Hokey Pokey: How to Shake Up Your Time with God

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Sometimes we need to shake things up. Our logical left brain will organize, analyze, and synthesize until our knowledge of the Bible fits into nice little cubby holes that are . . . BORING! That’s how most of us are taught to approach the Bible. We learn to dissect it until it is dead, so to speak. No wonder most of us associate the Bible with dry, boring, academic frustrations. It’s time to shake things up.   The Bible Hokey Pokey You put your left brain in. You put your left brain out. You put your left brain in. And you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey. And you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about. While there is great benefit from the academic study of God’s Word, it cannot be our only approach to the Bible. That kind of fact archival leaves us with empty knowledge about the Bible. It’s not the kind of life-changing experience that should happen when we...

Five Methods of Left-Brain Bible Study

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The following is an excerpt from Sweeter Than Chocolate: Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word, ©2014 Christy Bower.   For many left-brained students, “follow your curiosity” may not seem structured enough. For those who want a more structured approach, you might want to choose from one of these methods. But if you’re more of the right-brained type, hold on until the end, where I’ll give some simple adaptations that will make these structured methods of study a little more fun.     Traditional Method (Observation, Interpretation, Application) This traditional method has been taught for years in churches and seminaries, so it is the benchmark of Bible study for many people. It involves three steps: observation of the text, interpretation of the text, and application of the text. Observation. The first step in studying a passage is to observe what it actually...