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Bible Readings for the Events of Holy Week

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Holy Week is the week¬†from Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday. This period covers the final events of Christ’s life, starting with the Triumphant Entry on Palm Sunday, until He was betrayed, tried, and crucified–and ultimately resurrected! It can be confusing because there are four gospels containing the events, so I wanted to provide a list of where you’ll find each event in each of the gospels. Download a free reading chart as my gift to you. These readings, divided into 33 events, also correspond to the 33 crossword puzzles in my latest volume of Crossword Bible Studies. ¬† Bible Readings for the Events of Holy Week The Triumphant Entry Matthew 21:1-11 Mark 11:1-11 Luke 19:29-44 John 12:9-19 Jesus Curses a Fig Tree Matthew 21:18-22 Mark 11:12-14 Mark 11:20-26 Jesus Cleanses the Temple Matthew 21:12-17 Mark 11:15-19 Luke 19:45-48 Jesus Foretells His Death John...