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Paul David Tripp (@PaulTripp) on Expansive Living

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Most of us—perhaps all of us—long for more in life. But what is the “more” we are looking for? Because we are uncertain about how to fill this longing for more, we fill it with anything we think will satisfy. Author Paul David Tripp explains why our efforts to find more, really bring us less because we are shrinking our life (our quest) down to something we can manage. We reduce our ambition to looking out for ourselves until our lives become shrink wrapped by sinful selfishness. Rather, we are to enlarge our lives to the vastness of God’s glory, for when we seek God’s glory, our lives expand. Check out this excerpt from A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger than You. Book Excerpt What’s so heinous about all this is that when I am content to live in my little kingdom of one, it is God who gets squeezed out. He will not shrink himself to the size of my solitary kingdom. He...

Restless by Jennie Allen (@JennieAllen)

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Restless: Because You Were Made for More Jennie Allen (@JennieAllen) 2014 240 pages Available from Amazon in paperback, Kindle, Audible audio edition, and MP3 CD. Available from in paperback or ePub. I read the Kindle edition.       Author Jennie Allen has a sweet, southern style of writing that oozes of hospitality, comfort, and loyal friendship. It’s refreshing, really, to know there are still people in the world like this. In her book, Restless: Because You Were Made for More, she describes a large network of friends who support each other through good times and devastating times. We each feel restless with our lives. It may come across in different times, different ways, or with different intensities, but it is a common feeling. We were made for more. But what is the “more” we seek? According to Jennie Allen, we were made to be Christ to others: We...