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How Coloring a Creative Journaling Bible Has Improved My Mental Health

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Coloring intricate designs with random patterns forces me to make decisions about which color to use for each element and how they will all work together. The more I do it, the more decisive I have become. Where I once spent a long time thinking about the implications of each color choice, I spend less and less time worrying about the outcome and making a decision. Sometimes the result isn’t what I had hoped and I wish I would have chosen a different color, but I realize it’s not the end of the world. The unexpected benefit of coloring has been that I’m finding it easier to make decisions in other areas of my life. The analyzing, paralyzing fear of making the wrong choice and “ruining” my project has given way to greater confidence and decisiveness. I learned from coloring that even if the results of my choices are not what I wished, it’s not the end of the world. I can live with it. I...

The Bible Hokey Pokey: How to Shake Up Your Time with God

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Sometimes we need to shake things up. Our logical left brain will organize, analyze, and synthesize until our knowledge of the Bible fits into nice little cubby holes that are . . . BORING! That’s how most of us are taught to approach the Bible. We learn to dissect it until it is dead, so to speak. No wonder most of us associate the Bible with dry, boring, academic frustrations. It’s time to shake things up.   The Bible Hokey Pokey You put your left brain in. You put your left brain out. You put your left brain in. And you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey. And you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about. While there is great benefit from the academic study of God’s Word, it cannot be our only approach to the Bible. That kind of fact archival leaves us with empty knowledge about the Bible. It’s not the kind of life-changing experience that should happen when we...

57 Right-Brained Methods for Meditating on God’s Word

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The following is an excerpt from Sweeter Than Chocolate: Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word, ©2014 Christy Bower.   Let’s get into some practical ways we can meditate on God’s Word without doing anything scary or uncomfortable. You’ll find that biblical meditation is more fun and freeing than your preconceived ideas allow, so set them aside. Let’s explore and play.     Paraphrase It Let’s start with an easy one. When you read a Bible passage, take time to study it a bit. Remember? Follow your curiosity on at least three things. Then work with the text on a more personal level by simply writing out the passage in your own words. By all means, follow the original flow and meaning, but say it the way you would say it. You might find it helpful to imagine yourself telling it to a friend in a coffee shop. Write it down. You could work your way through a book of the Bible...