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Isaiah 53 Video

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Isaiah 53 Video

Old Testament Journeys of Faith by Norman Grubb

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I picked up this 99-cent eBook because the author had been recommended to me and because I enjoy delving into the lives of Bible heroes. Little did I realize this book would be so much more than Bible biographies. Norman Grubb carefully explores the progress of faith in each person’s life, showing how Job, Joseph, and others grew in their faith toward God. He pointed out the different events that served as turning points in their progression of faith. But he amazingly weaves New Testament principles into each life event, making the truth come alive in relevance for us today. Old Testament Journeys of Faith was 432 pages long, although on my Kindle, it was considerably longer. This isn’t a quick read, but the content is meant to be slowly processed for our own spiritual growth. Yes, there were occasional parts where the author got a little long-winded, but considering these were...