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Squeezing Good Out of Bad by James N. Watkins

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For many years I have been a fan of the wit and wisdom of James N. Watkins. He weaves his natural sense of humor into serious subjects with seamless ease. And trust me, his sense of humor is warped like mine! Check out this “stand up” routine Moses could have given with his back against the Red Sea: “Hey, how’s everybody tonight? Well ‘shofar,’ so good (rim shot). So, how ‘bout that Passover meal? Great menu if you have to be on the lamb (rim shot). Tough room. I’m dying like a firstborn in Egypt (rim shot).” -James N. Watkins, Squeezing Good Out of Bad   Having lived through many “lemons” in life, his words are also rich with the wisdom of personal experience and the compassion that grows out of it. “But we often ask, “How could a God of love and compassion let one of His children experience such sinful actions?” Perhaps in the same way He let His one and only Son experience such...

The Power of Not Yet

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God must have prompted me to select this book off my Kindle, because it spoke to my need in the midst of feeling stuck. Parented by a perfectionist, I learned to see things in a pass or fail mindset. In order to gain approval, “pass” (or perfection) was the only option. Later in life, I’ve found that I give up easily because if it’s not perfect, it’s not worth doing. It also means I’ve learned to seek approval, validation, and acceptance through my work. Donna Pisani explained the “not yet” mentality that replaces failure with persistence—Not Yet. That is, I haven’t failed; I just haven’t succeeded yet. She also explains how to see the “not yet” as a thing of merit on its own by changing our perception and goals during a “not yet” period. Waiting is more productive and comfortable when we see it as a growth period, which has value in itself. If you’re feeling stuck or tired of asking...