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John Ortberg (@johnortberg) on the Six-Word Memoirs of Bible Characters

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Word games are fun so let’s play one today. At the beginning of John Ortberg’s new book, All the Places to Go . . . How Will You Know?: God Has Placed before You an Open Door. What Will You Do?, he proposes a game of writing the memoirs of Bible characters in six words. Take a look at some of the clever six-word memoirs he comes up with as examples.   Book Excerpt If you had to summarize your life in six words, what would they be? Several years ago an online magazine asked that question. It was inspired by a possibly legendary challenge posed to Ernest Hemingway to write a six-word story that resulted in the classic “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The magazine was flooded with so many responses that the site almost crashed, and the responses were eventually turned into a book. . . . It is striking to think about what the characters of Scripture might write for their six-word...

Book Review: The Well-Played Life by Leonard Sweet

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The Well-Played Life Why Pleasing God Doesn’t Have to Be Such Hard Work Leonard Sweet (@lensweet) 2014 278 pages Available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Also available from in paperback or ePub (see bottom of page). I read the paperback edition.   The Well-Played Life rocked my world, not because it was a new “song” but because I finally found someone with the same “song” stuck in their head as mine. For years, I have been forming some ideas. Hints of the theme appear in every one of my books. But here was a book that laid out the entire song—a song giving us permission, no admonishing us, to dance with Jesus from now until heaven. Leonard Sweet’s book establishes a “play ethic” for Christians, who have earned a reputation for being negative, critical, condemning, and worse. It’s time to lighten up, folks! “If faith isn’t fun, we’re working for God...