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Why? Why? Why? Guest Post by James N. Watkins

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James N. Watkins is a leader in Christian publishing and the most encouraging editor I’ve ever worked with. But he’s also so funny I snort my Coke in my sinuses (Coca-Cola, not the other coke). I love to laugh, minus the burning sinuses, and I love to make other people laugh, so he’s been a role model for me. I’m excited about the new book by James N. Watkins, The Psalms of Asaph: Struggling with Unanswered Prayer, Unfulfilled Promises, and Unpunished Evil. These are issues I’ve struggled with and I know others do, too. I’ll let James N. Watkins introduce you to his book in today’s guest post.     If you have children, nieces and nephews, or younger siblings, you know that a three-year-old’s favorite word is why. “Johnny, hold my hand while we cross the street.” “Why?” “Because I don’t want you to run out in front of a car.” “Why?”...

God’s Promise of Happiness by Randy Alcorn

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God’s Promise of Happiness, by Randy Alcorn, is based on the author’s larger work, Happiness. Still, this little book provides some thought-provoking content revealing our common misconceptions about happiness, holiness, and God. In an easy to follow question and answer format, this booklet tackles some intriguing questions. Do happiness and joy mean the same thing? Is God happy or stern? Do happiness and blessing mean the same thing? (I’m not sure I agree with him on this one.) Plus, the book is loaded with Scripture to correspond to each answer. It was a delightful read that made me think. Grab a copy while it’s free (at the time of posting, anyway). Book Quotes “There are more than 2,700 passages in the Bible containing words such as joy, happiness, gladness, merriment, pleasure, cheer, laughter, delight, jubilation, feasting, exultation, and celebration.” “Until the twentieth...

Discouragement: Reasons and Answers by K.P. Yohannan

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Despair. Discouragement. Disappointment. We each encounter these dark obstacles in life. Sometimes we become stuck in them. K.P. Yohannan offers some biblical advice on how to overcome discouragement. He begins by uncovering the deceptions involved in discouragement. This is the Deceiver at work, clouding our ability to see good and fixing our eyes on difficulties. The second chapter covers the reasons for discouragement. Sometimes we know what brought on our despair and other times we feel stuck in a fog. Identifying the reason for our discouragement helps s work through it to come out the other side quickly. “When we are depending on ourselves, God will often use discouraging circumstances to show us our need for Him.” –K.P. Yohannan, Discouragement: Reasons and Answers   After that, the author shows us the way to victory. He encourages the reader to not sit there and take...