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15 Lessons from Proverbs on Being a Good Friend

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I envy people who have many friends. I envy people who even have one close friend. I envy people who intuitively know how to interact with people to build and maintain friendships. For most of my life, I never had a friendship last more than two years, and most of those relationships were significantly shorter. Then, I found a friend who stuck with me through thick and thin for more than five years. I thought I’d found the friend of a lifetime, but even that relationship imploded because I finally became too much to handle. I can be intense, especially with bipolar disorder adding mood swings and erratic behavior to the relationship. The truly sad part is when a relationship implodes (and it has happened more times than I wish to admit), I never know what I did wrong. I’m truly clueless about relationships and social skills. In addition to grieving the loss of a good friend, I spend...