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57 Right-Brained Methods for Meditating on God’s Word

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The following is an excerpt from Sweeter Than Chocolate: Developing a Healthy Addiction to God’s Word, ©2014 Christy Bower.   Let’s get into some practical ways we can meditate on God’s Word without doing anything scary or uncomfortable. You’ll find that biblical meditation is more fun and freeing than your preconceived ideas allow, so set them aside. Let’s explore and play.     Paraphrase It Let’s start with an easy one. When you read a Bible passage, take time to study it a bit. Remember? Follow your curiosity on at least three things. Then work with the text on a more personal level by simply writing out the passage in your own words. By all means, follow the original flow and meaning, but say it the way you would say it. You might find it helpful to imagine yourself telling it to a friend in a coffee shop. Write it down. You could work your way through a book...