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Creating a Kinder Christian Political Discourse on Social Media

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I wrote this in response to all the hostility I see on social media. Civil discourse has lost its civility, especially among Christians. We no longer politely discuss the issues, granting room for different opinions. Now people attack any person who holds another view. I wish to remind Christians that how we treat others is how we treat Jesus. The world is watching our behavior so we tarnish the name of Jesus whenever we do not love one another.   Dear Christians, I don’t care what your political views are. Please stop verbally abusing those who hold a different view. You think God is on your side, and you’re right. Would it surprise you to know God is on *their* side, too? Both sides can be right in some ways. God loves everyone, regardless of their political views, skin color, sexual orientation, sinful behavior, self-righteous legalism, and a host of other things. It doesn’t...

Do You Ever Feel Invisible?

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Do you ever feel invisible? I know I do. It’s a lonely feeling so sometimes I pretend invisibility is my superpower. The place I feel most invisible is on social media. It’s so easy to watch the apparent success of popular people on social media and wonder why no one ever responds or interacts with you. That’s why I’ve made a habit of trying to call people by name on social media. I want them to feel noticed and appreciated. I want them to feel visible. I greet new contacts by name and look for ways to interact with their content. I say something about their bio or image. I respond to their posts or share their content. Sometimes I go through part of my followers and send them a blessing and a photo with a Bible verse on it. Occasionally I ask people how I can pray for them. Instead of feeling invisible, I’ve decided to help other people feel visible. In return, I get a much greater...

What a Stray Dog Taught Me about Loving Others

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The big brown dog was standing in the parking spot I wanted. He just looked at me with a slight wag of his tail. I rolled the car forward and the dog stepped to one side, but not very far. When I came to a stop, he was looking in the window of my compact car. I wanted him to go away so I took time to check my funds and locate a coupon. The dog was still there, looking off in the distance. I pushed the door open and he snapped to attention, poking his large head around my door to greet me. I didn’t want to touch the dog because of my allergies so as I stood, I swept my hands back and forth, “Okay, back up.” He looked at me with big, pleading eyes. There was something in those eyes. At that moment, I think I understood what he wanted to say. “Will you show me some love?” A store clerk came out and the dog ran to her. As I walked around the car, I said, “Oh, I wondered who he belonged...