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Write Your Testimony as a Product Testimonial (Part 2 of 2): Negative Reviews

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If you wrote your testimony as a product testimonial, you may have been honest enough to include some disappointments with God. What do you do if you have partial or completely negative experiences with God? What good is a testimony like that? You might be surprised how God can use that. Everyone is disappointed with God in one way or another. Unanswered prayers top the list, or at least prayers that weren’t answered the way we wanted. Live events that leave us asking “Why?” are also culprits that shake our faith in God at a deep level. And there are matters of timing (God can seem so slow to us), trust (God disappointed me in the past, how can I trust Him now?), and any number of other issues that come up. First, let me say if you are disappointed in God, you are a normal, thinking, feeling individual. It’s okay. God can handle your doubts and fears. You’ve taken the first and biggest...