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Kyle Drake on Choosing to Be Mediocre

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No one wants to be mediocre, right? I mean don’t we try to avoid that at all costs? Don’t we try to stand out in the crowd, achieve great things, and be successful? According to Kyle Drake, author of Unsucceeding: Waking Up From My American Dream, we have to choose between success in this world or success in God’s Kingdom. We can’t have it both ways. So in his estimation, it is wise to choose to be mediocre in this world so you can devote your full attention to being a success in God’s Kingdom by truly loving God and people in practical ways. He climbed the corporate ladder until he became vice president of a bank and then walked away from it all, sold his house, and became self-employed so he could do the things that mattered to God like care for his family, develop deep friendships, help others in any way, and become fully devoted to God. The following excerpt from his book will...

Unsucceeding by Kyle Drake

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Unsucceeding by Kyle Drake My rating: 3 of 5 stars I’m a little torn as to how to review this book. I was grabbed by the title of this book, but I was disappointed to discover it was a biography with no real teaching content. Just because it wasn’t what I expected or what I was looking for doesn’t mean it isn’t a good book. Therein lies my dilemma. Kyle Drake was climbing the corporate ladder and became a Vice President of a bank. When his wife gave birth to twins and one had severe health problems, it shook his life enough to make him reconsider what really mattered. Here it is in his own words: I was a church-going, active Christian husband and father striving for “balance” between work and home life. Until some finely-tuned suffering became an opportunity for me to learn something profound. There is no hole so deep as the hopeless emptiness of trying to have it all. Through my wife...