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Hope Stands by Samuel Kee

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Hope Stands Ten Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up Samuel Kee 2010 182 pages   Samuel Kee was preparing to speak at a youth retreat when he felt a burden to speak on suicide. He prepared his message and the day before the event, the youth pastor called to tell him one of the students in the group had just committed suicide. Understandably, his message struck a nerve. He told the kids “they are never without hope so long as one person is standing up for them.” That person is Jesus. Because Jesus is standing up for us, we are never without hope. Kee began sharing this message other places and experiencing the same results. His message, based on the resurrection as told in John 20-21, is “Hope Stands.” “When Jesus Christ stood up from the grave on the third day, he released a power to all those who would follow him. The resurrection releases us from the emotional conditions that trap us....

8 Reasons Your Life Matters by John Herrick

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8 Reasons Your Life Matters John Herrick 2013 116 pages   In 8 Reasons Your Life Matters, John Herrick has an easy-to-read style. Although you know he is addressing the deep hurts people feel and some of his readers may be contemplating suicide, he maintains a respectful and matter-of-fact tone rather than pleading. He offers eight truths from the Bible but his text is far from preachy. He develops each idea with personal experiences and concludes with a person in the Bible who felt that way and he demonstrates what God was doing in that situation that can only be seen in hindsight. This is a well-written eBook for people struggling with depression, self-worth, and even suicidal thoughts. It emphasizes a long-term perspective and gives reasons to tough-it-out rather than give up on life.     As one who has struggled in this area, I found it reassuring and I might have to make myself a...