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You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?: 10 Popular Beliefs That Simply Aren’t True by David A. Rich

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Author David A. Rich makes some great points in You Mean That Isn’t in the Bible?, but he also chases a lot of rabbits along the way. At first I found this frustrating, wondering when he would get to something related to the chapter title, but either I got used to his style or he improved as the book went on. But that’s my style preference and I know others like a lot of life examples. Don’t get me wrong, though. I found myself heartily agreeing with most of the main points and I wish more Christians could grasp them. Ten False Beliefs Belief 1: There Are Many Roads to Heaven Belief 2: When We Die, We Become Angels Belief 3: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Belief 4: God Wants You to Be Rich Belief 5: Christians Aren’t Perfect, Just Forgiven Belief 6: We Are God’s Co-Pilots Belief 7: Pray Hard and God Will Answer Belief 8: God and Satan Are Battling It Out Belief 9: God Is Not a...