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Ten Tweetable Quotes on Prayer

By on Jan 10, 2016 in Crazy Grace Blog | 0 comments

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As I continue my 40 days of prayer, I’m searching for quotes on prayer as inspiration. I found plenty of inspiration in an eBook called, Prayer Quotes: inspiration to draw you closer to God.

My favorite on the list is the last one by Sir Isaac Newton: “All my discoveries have been made in answer to prayer.” This demonstrates the link between submitting to God and receiving divine revelation, guidance, or answers. We don’t talk enough about answered prayer. I wonder if that’s because we don’t personally see many answers to prayer—we don’t see God interacting with our lives in real ways.


Tweetable Quotes on Prayer


Looking for more quotes on prayer? Check out more than 2,500 prayer quotes in Prayer Quotes: inspiration to draw you closer to God.

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